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Rob Parish finishing a triangle choke in competition

Jiu jitsu

If you are looking to polish and perfect the fundamental techniques of modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this is the class for you. These hour long classes cover the basic positions and techniques of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. Because there is a total body warmup and limited live sparring, these fundamentals classes are a great way to learn the basic techniques and movements of Jiu Jitsu in a low risk of environment and are a great way to build a foundation before jumping into the all levels classes. Each class begins with a light warm up followed by 40 minutes drilling technique and 5 minutes of constraint based live drills to finish the class.


In each class we focus on one position and teach several different techniques from whatever position is being covered that day. The idea is not to master the individual techniques, but to gain a basic understanding of what options are available in each position. This way, when the student moves into the All Levels classes, they will already be familiar with the positions and will have seen a couple of different techniques from each position so there wont be any position from which they feel lost or helpless.

Women's only

Our free women's only jiu jitsu classes are a safe, supportive environment in which to learn the art of Jiu Jitsu. The fact is most physical altercations end up on the ground and knowing how to fight off of your back is the most valuable self defense skill a women can posses.


At 10th Planet Denver we use this knowledge to provide the women in our classes with the most effective form of real world self defense available. Our women's classes are a perfect place for women to gain confidence, strengthen their bodies and make friends with other strong women in the community all while learning real world, functional self-defense.


We understand that many women first start training Jiu Jitsu after being attacked and this class provides a safe space to regain your power in a supportive and understanding environment before venturing into the coed class. This class is free so you never have to let financial hardship keep you from feeling safe. Class meets 3 times a week: Tuesday and Friday evenings at 6:00pm and Sunday at noon.

Heather Jo Clark working ground and pound
Fabiana Jorge hitting the double dogfight sweep in competition at 10th Planet HQ


Wrestling is often considered to be the worlds oldest sport. Because most physical altercations and all Jiu Jitsu matches start standing, the skills taught in our wrestling classes give you the ability to safely take the fight to the ground to secure a dominant position. If you are looking to compete in Jiu Jitsu or just want to feel more confident on the street, these classes will give you the skills to bring the fight to the ground safely and effectively. We spend a lot of time on pummeling or hand fighting to establish dominant hand position and focus on using Russian and baseball grip 2-on-1 tie ups to set up the takedown. These skills transfer seamlessly from street self defense to sport Jiu Jitsu and are the foundation of a well balanced standing takedown game. These classes feature a full total body warmup, time spent focused on drilling technique, and live wrestling at the end of class.


The 10th Planet Warmups provide the skeleton of the entire 10th Planet System. The warmups feature all the techniques that Eddie Bravo believes are essential to mastering the system and are "synced" to headquarters in Los Angeles.


The warmups are lettered from A to H and each letter has four numbered sequences. Series A is Granby's, B is Hail Mary's, C is Pressure Passes, D is Standing Passes, E is Quarter Guard, F is Butterfly Guard, G is Top Half Passes and H is Open Guard.


Once you have memorized and mastered the warmups, you will have a solid foundation upon which to build your own unique game. The warmups classes are suitable for all students and the "10p Warmups" app is available  for free in the app store.

Coach Conor Heun working the S-Mount in competition
Coach Conor Heun finishing a Darce Choke in competition.

all Levels Jiu jitsu

Our All Levels classes go into greater detail on the techniques covered in our Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals classes and provide an opportunity to apply the techniques in live positional sparring.


Classes start with a brief warmup and then dive deep into the specific details needed to master a given technique. At the end of class, students are given the opportunity to try the techniques "live" against a resisting opponent in positional sparring. This is where the real progress is made as you are able to see what works and make the necessary adjustments to perfect your technique.


If you have trained Jiu Jitsu before, have a strong athletic foundation and are comfortable with live rolling, this is the class for you.

Jiu Jitsu

The kids classes at 10th Planet Denver are available to children ages 3-12.


We offer a comprehensive curriculum for kids based on the adult fundamentals class. This grappling based self defense program will allow your child to build the confidence needed to stand up to bullying.


We pride ourselves on teaching all the necessary skills to create calm, confident, little warriors. This is a grappling focused curriculum with a focus on teaching honor, discipline, and respect.


Your child's first class is free and you can register them by clicking the link below.

2 kids nogi grappling
woman training with kettle bells


This small group fitness program is designed to build the sport specific strength and conditioning needed for Jiu Jitsu and MMA. If you are looking to become the best version of yourself, lose fat, and build muscle these classes will help you get there. They are a great way to to become stronger, leaner, and more durable. Fatigue makes cowards of us all but this class allows us to fight fearlessly.


Because we fight barefoot we train barefoot. No shoes needed for this class but it does fill up so be sure to pre register on the Zen Planner Member App to secure your spot.

yin yoga

Yin Yoga is a relaxing, breath based  style of yoga in which postures or asanas are held for several minutes.


The sequence of postures is meant to stimulate the meridians or energy channels of the body and apply moderate stress to the tendons, fascia, and ligaments with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.


A more meditative approach to yoga, our goal in this class is to bring awareness to the current state of our bodies and to soften the chatter of the mind. 


These gentle, meditative classes offer a nice balance to the yang energy found in the rest of our classes.

Yoga pose
Inside Heel Hook

Leg Locks

Our Leg Locks class focuses on teaching the 6 basic fundamental leg locking positions: Ashi, Outside Ashi, Inside Ashi, Cross Ashi, Cross Outside Ashi (50/50) and Cross Inside Ashi (Inside Senkaku or Honey Hole).

This class cover both entries into these positions, as well as the breaking or finishing mechanics once in position. Classes focus on both defending and attacking as well as pinning and isolating the legs. There is a large emphasis placed on safety and understanding the breaking mechanics of these powerful positions. 

The leg locks class always takes place at the same time as our fundamentals classes to give our more advanced practitioners an opportunity to improve their leg game after they have mastered the fundamentals.

Nogi Judo

Judo is the foundational martial art upon which Jiu Jitsu was built. Where Jiu Jitsu focuses primarily on submissions and ground control, Judo focuses on bringing the opponent to the ground violently using a variety of sweeps and throws. Where wrestling focuses on grabbing the opponents legs to bring the fight to the floor, Judo is concerned more with upper body control and loading the hips.


This class an an amazing introduction to this incredible art and is a class that truly sets 10th Planet Denver apart from other schools both in the area and world wide. Taught by Judo black belt and NCAA Division 1 wrestler, Zach Maes, this class will add an exciting new element to your standing grappling.

Crash pads are used to keep everyone safe during class and class is suitable for beginners.

uchi mata judo throw
Coach Conor Heun fighting KJ Noons in Strikeforce


Lead by Coach Miguel Morales, our precision drills class focuses on mastery through repetition. This is an hour long class where you will work on perfecting your techniques through drilling. There is a saying: "slow is smooth, smooth is fast." This class aims to provide you with the platform to drill your skills slowly and smoothly under the watchful eye of professional Jiu Jitsu Athlete, Miguel Morales.


With enough slow, mindful repetition, our techniques get embedded in our muscle memory and become available when we need to access them at full speed during competition.


There is no live rolling in this class.  


Our boxing fundamentals class covers the basic boxing stance and how this stance may be modified for MMA or Kickboxing. We teach the jab, cross, hook and uppercut as well as more nuanced punches like check hooks, shovel hooks, overhands, and casting punches. Coach Ali will break down the strengths and weaknesses of these punches as well as the benefits and detriments of various stances.

There is a strong focus on footwork, creating angles, and using stance shifts and head movement to remain elusive.

We work on developing perfect technique through powerful, mindful, and realistic shadow boxing drills.


Boxing gloves are the only required equipment but hand wraps and a mouthguard are recommended. This is a barefoot class, boxing boots are not used because our focus is on boxing for MMA.

old leather boxing gloves
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