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Jiu Jitsu

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu modified for self defense and mixed martial arts competition. No one wears gis on the street so techniques that rely on grabbing the kimono or gi are impractical. At 10th Planet Denver we teach only No-gi Jiu Jitsu so our technique works regardless of what your opponent may be wearing. Our all levels classes are for grapplers who are comfortable (or wish to become comfortable) sparring. These classes feature a more rigorous warm up consisting of 15 minutes of functional Jiu Jitsu specific movements followed by 15 minutes of guided stretching. The next 45 minutes focuses on detail heavy specifics of an individual technique or series of techniques. The last 15 minutes features positional sparring using live resistance from the position covered in class. If you have a strong athletic foundation and are comfortable with live sparring this is the class for you.

Women's only

Women and men are physiologically different. Self defense programs that focus on striking are unrealistic and potentially dangerous to women because of the differences in bone density between men and women. The fact is most physical altercations end up on the ground and knowing how to fight off of your back is the most valuable self defense skill a women can posses. At 10th Planet Denver we use this knowledge to provide the women in our classes with the most effective form of real world self defense available. Our Sunday morning women's only class taught by UFC veteran Heather Jo Clark is a perfect place for women to gain confidence, strengthen their bodies and make friends with other strong women in the community.

We understand that many women first start training Jiu Jitsu after being attacked and this class provides a safe space to regain your power in a supportive and understanding environment before venturing into the coed class. This class is donation based so you never have to let financial reasons keep you from feeling safe.


Most physical altercations and all Jiu Jitsu matches start standing. The skills taught in our takedown classes give you the ability to safely take the fight to the ground to secure a dominant position. If you are looking to compete in Jiu Jitsu or just want to feel more confident on the street, our takedown classes will give you the skills to bring the fight to the ground safely and effectively. We spend a lot of time on pummeling or hand fighting to establish dominant hand position and focus on using Russian and baseball grip 2-on-1 tie ups to set up the takedown. These skills transfer seamlessly from street self defense to sport Jiu Jitsu and are the foundation of a well balanced standing takedown game. Takedown defense is also covered for strikers who wish to keep the fight standing. This class is the most physically challenging class that we offer.

10th Planet


The 10th Planet Warmups provide the skeleton of the entire 10th Planet System. The warmups feature all of the techniques that Eddie Bravo believes are essential to mastering the system and are "synced" to headquarters in Los Angeles. All of the 10th Planet Moons worldwide practice the same series of warmup flows on the same day. The warmups are lettered from A to H and each letter has four numbered sequences. Series A is Granbys, B is Hail Marys, C is Pressure Passes, D is Standing Passes, E is Quarter Guard, F is Butterfly Guard, G is Top Half Passes and H is Open Guard. Once you have memorized and mastered the warmups you will have a solid foundation upon which to build your own unique game. The warmups classes are suitable for all students and the "10p Warmups" app is available for both Apple and Android devices for free in the app store.



If you have never trained Jiu Jitsu before this is the class for you.  These hour long classes cover the basic positions and techniques of No-gi Jiu Jitsu. The fundamentals classes feature no sparring so they are a great way to gain an understanding of the different techniques and positions of Jiu Jitsu with low risk of injury and are a great way to build a foundation before jumping into the all levels classes. Each class begins with a light warm up followed by 45 minutes drilling technique. We focus on two or three different techniques from whatever position is being covered that day. The idea is not to master the individual techniques, but to simply gain a basic understanding of what options are available in each position. These same techniques are covered in more detail in the All Levels classes.


The kickboxing classes at 10th Planet Denver combine the most effective elements of Western Boxing, Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Capoera, and Muay Thai into one cohesive style designed for modern mixed martial arts and self defense.  All of our coaches have diverse striking backgrounds and actual in ring/cage fight experience. Our coaches have learned from the legends in their respective sports like Bas Rutten, Mike Winklejohn, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Chris Reilly, & "Fabulous" Frankie Liles to name a few. Each coaches class is a little different so check out as many as you can and take what works for you. These classes consist of partner drills not bag work, so you will get comfortable with defending as well as attacking. Shin guards, knee pads, hand wraps, 16oz boxing gloves, and mouthpiece are required.


Kids Martial Arts

The kids classes at 10th Planet Denver are available to children ages 6-12. Younger children may be allowed to participate if they can keep up and don't hinder the development of the group. We offer a complete and comprehensive curriculum covering both striking and grappling arts. We focus first on teaching basic movement patterns and footwork before moving on to more advanced techniques. We pride ourselves on teaching all the necessary skills to create calm, confident, little warriors. This is a self defense focused curriculum with a strong focus on teaching honor, discipline, and respect. Monday and Thursday are Jiu Jitsu, Tuesday is Takedowns, Wednesday is Boxing and Friday is Kickboxing. Our kids classes are taught by bluebelts Luis Rodriguez, and Charles Burroughs. Your child's first class is free and you can register them by clicking the link below.