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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is the modern evolution of traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We don't wear heavy woven kimonos on the street so Jiu Jitsu techniques based on grabbing the kimono or gi are impractical. At 10th Planet Denver we teach only "Nogi" Jiu Jitsu so our technique works regardless of what your opponent may be wearing. If you are ready to bring your training into the modern era, please stop by and check out a class. If you have never trained before, check out one of our fundamentals classes as these are designed around teaching the fundamental movements and positions of Nogi Jiu Jitsu. If you have an athletic background or have trained before, please feel free to take any of our classes.


Nogi. All Day. World Wide.

Women's Self Defense

Women and men are physiologically different and most physical altercations end up on the ground. At 10th Planet Denver we use this knowledge to provide the women in our classes with the most effective form of real world self defense available. Whether your goal is to become a grappling champion or just feel more confident moving through the world, we got your back. We offer a class for women only on Sunday morning at 9:00am. This class is a perfect place for women to gain confidence and meet other strong women in the community before venturing into the coed classes.


Most physical altercations and all Jiu Jitsu matches start standing. The skills taught in our takedown classes give you the ability to safely take the fight to the ground to secure a dominant position. If you are looking to compete in Jiu Jitsu or just want to feel more confident on the street, our takedown classes will give you the skills to bring the fight to the ground safely and effectively. We spend a lot of time on establishing dominant hand positions and using the 2-on-1 to set up the takedown. These skills transfer seamlessly from street self defense to sport Jiu Jitsu and are the foundation of a well balanced standing takedown game.

10th Planet


Our childrens Jiu Jitsu classes focus on teaching kids age 6 and up the value of discipline, competition, and teamwork. With a focus on fun and safety, we give our little warriors the physical and interpersonal skills needed to protect themselves and move confidently through life. No experience necessary.


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