For a large portion of my early life I practiced martial arts.  It was rewarding amongst the many team sports I participated in, and I felt like I had control over my own performance and work ethic.  There was always a sense of community around the dojo, and some of the friendships I made during those early years still hold true today. As I grew up I ventured into other sports, still individual like endurance racing, surfing, and rock climbing.  


Something was missing, and I didn’t realize it until I starting training with 10th Planet Denver.  I felt  immediately comfortable with Conor, Heather, and the crew.  I’d like to thank Conor for the calm confidence that translates to his lessons, and allowing us to choose our own path in whatever we’re looking for in BJJ.  


I’m truly thankful and stoked to be apart of such a rad community you guys built, and hope to be around of a long time!


 - Daxxx

"I am beyond blessed to have lucked into finding 10th Planet Denver just 3 days after making the cross-country trip for a new career. A friend had recommended I find a 10th Planet affiliate if I could, and as soon as I walked into the gym I knew I had found something special.

I was hoping for quality bjj instruction, and a new hobby to return to my roots as a grappler since I had started wrestling at 12 and loved it. I never expected what I found instead. In Conor Heun and Heather Jo Clark, I didn't just find teachers. I found mentors. Coaches. I found pillars of strength and collaboration, like-minded individuals who 'got it'. 

I found friends and family in the team at 10th Planet Denver. I found an environment of strength, compassion, and a team I was honored to join. I have no idea how I am so lucky to have stumbled on such a miraculous group of mindful warriors, where the focus is on building people of great character through tribulation. 

One of my favorite quotes from the Bible is Psalm 28:9
"Save your people and Bless your inheritance; Be their shepherd also and carry them forever".


I'm so grateful I have found shepherds in Conor and Heather, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for our flock.

I am truly honored to be a 10th Planet Denver student. 


 - Christopher A Wolniewicz

“'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. '


In 2013 I witnessed Eddie Bravo say that Conor would have a 10th Planet School someday and I knew it would happen because of the look of determination I saw on Conor’s face at that moment. So it was surreal to me when I saw the announcement about 10th Planet Denver. “He did it.” I remember saying to myself.

I’ve always felt like a ronin, until Conor and Heather opened their doors. I’ve trained jiu jitsu for many years, and have travelled to around 10 different 10th Planet moons, including HQ, but haven’t felt like I had a “home moon”, until now. 

I once overheard Conor describe two types of motivators, the carrot and the stick. I believe the contrast he was describing is essentially positive reinforcement in the carrot, with negative type motivation as the stick. Conor uses the carrot approach, enabling people to push their limits, and to grow as individuals using positive motivation and positive mental attitude. I feel uplifted after every training session.

I really believe that Conor wants people to flourish not only as athletes, but as people. The team that Conor and Heather have already built is really feeing like a special thing, and I’m super proud to get to be a part of it. 

Sincere thanks for what you two do.

 - Tim Mohatt NASM-CPT, CES, PES

Being a newcomer to the US and a minority, the 10th Planet community has given me the support I needed to boost my confidence and self respect. I have found another family where I could be myself and train to be better like everyone without getting any judgment. Also, Conor has been a great inspiration to me in being a leader with a heart - by creating a community that fosters respect among other practitioners of this art, regardless of background and level of experience. He takes care of the not so strong (technically) and lifts them up to level with the strongest. That is what I love about 10th Planet - a community that strives to bring the best in you.

 - JG

My mental health has improved with the REAL support from the whole team, Coaches Conor, Heather, Fabi, and Rob have all reached out after seeing me in a rough time. The support you get from people trying to strangle you to make you better is awesome. It's something I didn't truly feel with my previous jiu jitsu team (no disrespect to them.) I love the small crew we have, can't wait to see the army that grows and the elite competition squad we develop, and develop some killer, future championship caliber MMA fighters, hopefully myself included. I'm super pumped to have been there from day one. My overall game has improved so much more in going on four months than it did in nine previously. I love the 10th Planet system, all this sick ninja shit that other schools don't know until we hit them with it, is a great arsenal to have. I love what we've done already, I'm stoked for what's to come.

 - Tracy


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